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Boudreaux Campbell rides Paradigm Bull Company’s Zero Time for 75.25 during the first round of the Sacramento Unleash the Beast PBR. Photo by Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Campbell Confident Following Perfect Weekend In Albany

Jan 032023

Confidence has everything to do with success when it comes to professional bull riding, but, ultimately, 8 seconds is the name of the game for Boudreaux Campbell.  

The 23-year-old cowboy from Crockett, Texas, was a perfect 3-for-3 when it came to qualified rides, in Albany, New York, including an impressive 89 points on Maverick in the Championship Round. Campbell finished second in the event — his second Top 5 finish at the elite, televised level of competition this season — and rode his way back into the Top 10 of the PBR world standings.  

Campbell had previously finished fifth, in Tucson, Arizona, to open the new individual season before going 0-for-2 in the two events prior to Albany.  

“It’s easier for me now,” said Campbell, regarding being older, more mature and experienced enough to treat each event as a new opportunity. “I’m going to go at every bull with the same mindset.” 

He opened the event with 86.5 points on Blue Duck before adding another 85.25 points on Show Me Homie after receiving a re-ride option when Yellowstone slammed his left side into the rails when it came out of the chute backward.  

Campbell did not let the rough out break his focus. 

“Just part of the job doing what we do,” Campbell said, “You can’t think about the past. You can only worry about the bull that’s underneath you.”  

It was a near-perfect, textbook out on Show Me Homie, which gave him 171.75 points on two, and he selected Maverick in the Championship Round.  

The weekend was not as favorable for 2018 PBR World Champion Kaique Pacheco, PBR fan favorite Chase Outlaw, and reigning PBR World Champion Daylon Swearingen. The trio each have nagging issues. 

From a technical standpoint, nobody fundamentally rides better than Pacheco, so it is rare to see him go 0-for-2, while the 23-year-old Swearingen was closing out the most successful calendar year of his young and promising career.  

Swearingen was competing in Albany after taking a week off to rest a sore groin. He felt better coming into the weekend, but, following a buck off in the opening round, he admitted to aggravating the nagging injury Thursday night.  

“I need to get back in the rhythm of just having fun and doing what I love to do,” said Swearingen, who insists he will be fine. 

Swearingen, 40, and Campbell, 9, who were also teammates for the Carolina Cowboys during the inaugural PBR Team Series, and their fellow Monster Energy teammates — Pacheco, 19; Outlaw, 22; Kolbaba, 25, along with a pair of two-time PBR World Champions, Jose Vitor Leme and Jess Lockwood — will be in New York City this weekend for the annual Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden.