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Monster athletes on their 2015 December Portugal Trip

Monster Euro Crew score in Portugal

Apr 262016

Did you hear the one about the Englishman, Irishman, Spanish and Frenchman? The scene is set with a glorious mid winter Southern European swell chart. Cold morning offshore with sunny t shirt weather by lunchtime. Shifting sandbanks turned on again and again and the week became non stop surf after surf after surf. The landcover missions scored tube sessions, turn sessions, air sessions. The guys had it all. And in-between the time in the brine this collective of young modern day European surfers chewed the fat over a few surf and non surf issues. So who are this crew?

Monster Euro Crew score in Portugal

1.) Who was the best surfer on the trip?

Jobe Harriss: I think everyone’s got their strengths and weaknesses. William is without doubt the best guy in the air, Luis is super flowy and powerful and G man is full of style so it depends what you’re looking at. William Aliotti: I will say everyone add this good days. Gearoid McDaid: I think everyone on the trip was killing it everyone had a day where they were on the best waves or doing the biggest things which is sick to see when you go on trip like this. Luis Diaz: There was not one best surfer , everyone surfed good but I have to say William did the best airs and jobe got the best barrels

2.) Do you think people from different countries in Europe surf differently? If so how?

Jobe Harriss: Yeah of course. I think it’s not even as broad as a country its more what town or municipal area they live in. I think your surfing is fine-tuned by the waves you surf most so that they complement each other. I feel like my style has been moulded around the points and beachies here in North Cornwall, I think my surfing looks way better on points and wally beach breaks but when fast and steep shore breaks come into the mix I would struggle. Gearoid on the other hand is super smooth and technical, maybe reflecting the quality of waves in Ireland, he doesn’t have to pump loads and be all erratic with his movement because the waves are so powerful and well shaped where he’s from. So in short, I think the type of waves you surf most mould your style into what it is. William Aliotti: I think everyones surf different where ever you`re coming from. This is why you need to keep traveling to surf more waves and make your surf better.. Gearoid McDaid: I don`t think that there is like a way people surf from each countries everyone has their own style and excel in different types of conditions . I`m not sure if what country your from makes a difference on how you surf. Luis Diaz: Some countries have more surf culture and better surfers but I think it`s just because of the time they`ve been surfing and the waves they got , like France , Portugal and Spain.

3.) What’s the best thing about Portugal?

Jobe Harriss: Pastel de Nata’s and Galao’s. As well as the warmer, good quality waves through winter. William Aliotti: The fact it was super hot and for sure all those stunning back ground Gearoid McDaid: The best thing about Portugal has to be ucals haha.definitely the best chocolate milk in the world  Luis Diaz: It was not crowded , and the food is pretty good too

4.) What was the best session you had on this trip? (describe it)

Jobe Harriss: My best session was our second day of the trip. It was perfect reeling barrels with absolutely no one out. There’s not many places you can rock up and surf pumping waves with no one else out except for your crew for 5 hours. I think everyone had a couple super memorable ones that session we were all so buzzing. William Aliotti: I will say my last one!! the biggest waves of the trip so far only 3 guys in crazy left barrel.Gearoid McDaid: We kind of had three session which were really sick. the first full day we were there we pulled up at a beach that kind of looked like a bit of a close out but we decided to wait and see what it would do when the tide came in a bit and it turned on. it was like 3/4 ft pumping left barrels all day. this was i suppose the best session for amount of waves coming through that were sick. but we had another day at another beach which was about the same size but wedging hollow rights. we also had another session on the last day it was like 6 ft draining lefts with some bigger close out sets. we hard some hard paddle outs but it was worth it to get some. the best thing about all these sessions there was no one out at all we had them all to ourselves. Luis Diaz: That one on that left sandbar at Castillejo beach, barrels, turns, it was pumping…

5.) Whats the best thing about the waves where you are from?

Jobe Harriss: I think the variety we get from the beaches, one minute it’s a lowtide closeout and the next a flash rip has bust through the bank making perfect, dredging barrels. Then when the tide pushes you get cool little wedges and some shredable rip bowls. Every day’s different which is cool. William Aliotti: It’s always a challenge to get the right one and make it out to the line up. it’s make you push yourself. Gearoid McDaid: The best thing about the waves in ireland is that we have such a variety of waves we have fun beachies. long points and crazy slabs . and not crazy busy because it so fecking cold haha Luis Diaz: We got so many reefbreaks and slabs so there is many places to get barreled…

6.) Whats the best non surf thing about where you are from?

Jobe Harriss: The town and the people. It’s so quiet and chilled the majority of the year so it’s a nice and relaxing place to come back to after a trip. William Aliotti: Everything is good . Gearoid McDaid: Food Luis Diaz: The weather is very nice

7.) Which country in Europe has the best surfers?

Jobe Harriss: I think that’s a super hard question to answer, all the major surfing countries have multiple high level guys who rip so I couldn’t pick one specifically. William Aliotti: France Gearoid McDaid: Its hard to say all the different countries have people that are the best surfers in different kind of waves Luis Diaz: Probably France

8.) Which country in Europe has the best waves?

Jobe Harriss: Again a super hard question haha. Portugal is rad, you can almost always guarantee you’ll get atleast a few sick days of waves there on a trip. But there’s so many places that I’m yet to explore properly so I can’t really give an accurate answer William Aliotti: Portugal France and Canaria Gearoid McDaid: I think from everywhere i have traveled in Europe although I haven't scored everywhere good. nowhere comes close to Ireland for the best waves. Luis Diaz: I have to say my home Canary Islands (Spain)

9.) Who are the best 3 surfers in Europe?

Jobe Harriss: Joan Duru definitely springs to mind thinking about it, then I also really like Frederico Morais’ raw power. And although I’m not a massive fan of Jeremy Florence’s surfing you can’t argue with his achievements on the World Tour. Luis Diaz: Jonathan Gonzalez, Joan Duru, Jeremy Flores

10.) Who shapes your surfboards and where are they from?

Jobe Harriss: Pukas and Taz Yassin. I’ve only just starting riding them but so far so good, pumped to be able to ride for a company who has so many good international surfers on the team. William Aliotti: Ryan is one of my friend who shape me some nutz surfboards in jersey island and i have also Stretch surfboard how shape me some surfboards in California santa cruz . Really glad to be with them. Gearoid McDaid: My shaper is Lee Bartlet who shapes at fourth surfboards in Newquay in England . The best thing about having lee as a shaper is that when your traveling places he knows what boards work there because he traveled everywhere as a pro surfer when he was younger  Luis Diaz: Taz, and more shapers from Pukas, from Spain