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SOUND CHECK with Rolling Loud’s "Got Bars?" Winner: Dupree G.O.D.

May 052022

For this episode, Monster Energy gets the inside scoop from fiery rapper and Brooklyn native Dupree G.O.D.

In May of 2021, Dupree walked away as the winner of Rolling Loud’s first-ever “Got Bars?” reality rap competition. The contest, which aired on Rolling Loud’s Twitch channel, was a fierce one that took place over eight months. It started out with a group of dozens of competitors — but there could be only one winner.

A huge fan of Nas who got his start from being in the streets and rapping from corner to corner, Dupree was a natural to win the show. In his chat with Monster, he discusses the challenges of winning the competition — including battling through losing his voice.

As the “Got Bars?” champion, Dupree won a record deal with EMPIRE (the record label's COO Nima Etminan, A&Rs Bobby Fisher, and Mark Buol judged the finale, along with Rolling Loud Co-Founder Tariq Cherif). He also scored a paid spot at Rolling Loud NYC, where he rocked the crowd hard in October 2021.

Before winning “Got Bars?”, Dupree was making waves (and headlines) for his signature creative style. In November 2020, he created epic headlines (and was charged with reckless endangerment) when he jumped from an ice cream truck to the top of a Brooklyn bus while shooting a flamethrower. Dupree’s response was, “It’s for the art. For the Wu-Tang.” The mantra “Risk Ya Life For Art” kicked off his video for “Wu-Tang 4Da Children,” which dropped the following month.

Being true to his art is something the rapper is passionate about and it’s one of the many reasons his fans can’t wait to find out what comes next!