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A Monster Energy preview of the 2019 Fresh Water Pro held at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California.

This Way In - 2019 Fresh Water Pro

Sep 182019

Location, Location, Location

It’s happening. Again. A surf event of the highest level held at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA. Is this a good thing? Depends who you ask. On one side, you have the people who adore the controlled environment — predictable schedule, waves and criteria. They say, “This is the future of competitive surfing. So much closer to a mainstream sport.” On the other, you have those who miss the spontaneity, strategy and soul of competing in the ocean. They say, “This makes a mockery of surfing. Too close to a mainstream sport.” Which side are we on? Depends on the day. But it’s happening. Again. So why not lean into the festival nature of this event, set a timer for our favorite surfers’ heats and enjoy watching something different? Yep. That’s what we’ll be doing.

The 2019 Freshwater Pro runs from September 19 to 21. Tune in to to cheer on the Monster team!


Filipe Toledo: As the fastest, most compact surfer on tour, it’d be hard for him not to dominate.

Conner Coffin: If the judges are rewarding well-linked progressive power, Conner will go the distance.

Griffin Colapinto: Guaranteed to bring the “wow.” This could be Griff’s breakthrough win.

Seth Moniz: Seth showed how he can charge in Tahiti. Now, let him remind us how he can fly.

Owen Wright: He won Tahiti and then got engaged — the guy is on a roll.

Yago Dora: We’re hoping to see some big airs from Yago, and he almost never disappoints us.

Crosby Colapinto: Wildcard 1. Griff’s little brother is joining in the fun!
Kade Matson: Wildcard 2. The young San Clemente stand out is taking his talents straight up Highway 5.

Jett Schilling: Wildcard 3. He’s 16 and has nothing to lose. What a time to be a teen!



So many Monster riders! Right? Isn’t it great. The wildcard gods smiled upon us.

How’s the forecast? Four to 6 feet every 320 second. Offshore on the rights, slightly onshore on the lefts.

Should I drive out there? Nothing beats seeing surfing in real life. Unless that surfing is in a wave pool in the Central Valley. Might be best to stick to the webcast on this one.