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image from the ASP World Tour held at the break Teahupo'o in Taiarapu, Tahiti

This Way In - Teahupo'o

Aug 122018

Location, Location, Location

Teahupo’o is a freak of nature wave made of freak of nature blue water surrounded by freak of nature giant, green mountains. And the surfers that ride the wave? They’re kinda freaks of nature, too. It takes a certain type of human to see the horizon bulge and rush toward them — and hold their ground, and turn around, and ride it. So grab a seat. Settle in. The Teahupo’o freak show is about to begin.

The waiting period for the 2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o is August 10-21. Tahiti is three hours behind the US West Coast. Get all your work done in the morning and tune in to to cheer on the Monster team.

Monster Threats

Owen Wright: Bread and butter. Peas and carrots. Owen and Teahupo’o. He’s going to eat it up.

Conner Coffin: Conner has logged in day’s worth of time at this Tahitian chunk of reef. Familiarity breeds results.

Filipe Toledo: Filipe recently went to Teahupo’o, took off on some bombs and silenced the haters. He’ll be wearing the yellow jersey and rooting for swell.

Griffin Colapinto: Straight off a runner-up finish at the US Open, the competitive juices are flowing for the young Californian. Watch him use Tahiti to jump into single digits on the rankings.

Frederico Morais: What do you want us to say? He’s good everywhere.

Yago DoraThe questionable forecast could be a positive for the tricky goofyfoot. Expect Yago to push the innovation envelope at the shallow reef pass.


3 Questions

What’s this Hinano they keep talking about? That’s the local beer. It’s expensive and delicious.

How’s the forecast look? Meh. Not incredible. But the South Pacific is a moody ocean, and could throw a fit any day now.
And what of the world title race? It’s on. And Filipe Toledo is out in front! Vaiiiiiii Filipe!