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Monster Dragon Iced Tea: Raspberry Tea


According to legend Chinese Emperor Shennong accidentally discovered tea when a divine wind blew some leaves into his boiling water.


Enter the dragon...5000 years later we use only the finest ingredients in Dragon Iced Tea, so it's fit for an emperor or empress but available to all. 


Dragon Iced Tea is light and refreshing with 100 calories per can. Formulated with energy boosting ingredients for a distinctly modern twist on the original. A new legend is born.


Flavor Profile: Brewed Tea with Fresh Raspberry

Unleash The Dragon!

Green Tea
Lemon Tea
Peach Tea
Raspberry Tea

Total Caffeine:

160 mg PER 23 FL. OZ. SERVING


Consume Responsibly:

Not Recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.