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The Original Monster Energy Super-Premium Import


While in Europe at the Spanish MotoGP, we saw a cool re-sealable can and knew it was perfect for Monster. The can company said, “only available in Europe.” We said, “B.S., we gotta have it!"


Of course we got the can, brewed up our own super-premium Imported Monster in Amsterdam and sold so much of it we ran out.


So we started up production right here in the good old U.S.A.  Same can, same great taste, same winning formula and big bad buzz.


Flavor Profile: Monster with a good clean Euro flavor

Super Premium!

Nitro Cosmic Peach
Monster Energy
Zero Sugar
Reserve Watermelon
Reserve Orange Dreamsicle
Reserve Kiwi Strawberry
Reserve White Pineapple
Nitro Super Dry

Total Caffeine:

77 mg Per Serving   179 mg Per Can

Consume Responsibly:

Not Recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.