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Hydro Super Sport Killer Kiwi


Looking to up your game? Need a better option to fuel your performance? Is your standard sports drink not cutting it anymore? Monster Hydro Super Sport provides you with a superior hydration option, with a Monster edge on Energy. Hydro Super Sport is a well-balanced blend of electrolytes, b-vitamins, caffeine, and BCAA’s to provide you with the fuel your body needs. Fuel the beast! Hard-Charging Hydration.


Superior Hydration // Electrolytes Na+K+Ca+Mg // Caffeine 160mg // Natural Flavors // B Vitamins // BCAAs


Flavor Profile: Juicy Kiwi

Hard-Charging Hydration!

Hydro Super Sport Killer Kiwi
Hydro Super Sport Macho Mango
Hydro Super Sport Red Dawg
Hydro Super Sport Blue Streak
Tropical Thunder
Purple Passion
Blue Ice
Zero Sugar

Total Caffeine:

20oz Bottle  160mg Per Bottle

Consume Responsibly:

Not Recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.