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2022 Nitro Olympx Images - Jndia Erbacher

300 Mph Club: Jndia Erbacher At The Nitro Olympx

Aug 312022

Fuelled with pure Nitromethane, (read: liquid explosive) and capable of producing twice the amount of G-Force during acceleration than the NASA space shuttle; Top Fuel drag cars are wild. 

They accelerate from 0-60mph in 0.8 seconds, power to over 290+mph in a quarter mile, and require two huge parachutes to come safely to a stop. What’s more, if you have the nerves of steel required to drive one, then you better be prepared to get your hands dirty afterwards too…

Because the engines need to be rebuilt after every run. That means tearing down a custom built Supercharged V8, and bolting it back together again, at least three times in one day.

Between the speed, adrenaline, pressure and crazy wrench time - it’s all motorsport at the very edge of the performance envelope. What other series have you heard of that uses bullet proof blankets to surround the engine in case it explodes?


With a freshly rebuilt car underneath her, Jndia posted the fastest run of the weekend - 3.892 seconds, with a blistering terminal speed of 489km/h (303mph). Consistently the fastest driver of the weekend, Jndia’s charge was only halted in the closing stages of the event, when a component failure with her clutch stopped her from launching off the line with her usual bullet-out-of-a-gun speed.

“It’s been an incredible weekend to be back at the drag strip, back in the car, and back in front of the fans,” explained Jndia. “The car was so fast all weekend, and my team did a fantastic job - everyone jumped back into the job without a hitch - almost like it had only been a week away, instead of two years away from the track. 


“We posted the lowest ET [Elapsed Time] of the weekend - which was only a few tenths off the outright track record. It was obviously disappointing not to get the win - but we will be back to fight again soon. We love the smell of Nitro in the morning!”


Catch more updates from Jndia on Instagram, and also Seven Reasons To Check Out Top Fuel.