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A Bigger Slice Of British Pie: Steve Peat

May 212017

We caught up with Steve Peat about his experience, being in A Bigger Slice Of Pie...

"just messing with the boys and getting sideways at every moment possible."

What is A Bigger Slice Of British Pie?

Its all about the UK riding scene, getting out with your mates and having a laugh, I may be biased but I don't really think many other countries do the fun element as well as we do over here, all while getting faster on the bikes.

How did you first get involved in the movie?

I guess just knowing the boys at Dirt, and watching the premiere of the first one in Sheffield I was hooked! How could you not want to go out and ride with some of the fun crew.

The rider list for this sequel is stacked. Which crew had the best section?

Tough one to pick, but I do like the way Brendog, Olly and the boys have a laugh and constantly try and one up each other while out playing!!! I think our Section was mint too... Ha ha ha

Who sent it the hardest?

On our section i think it was Tommy Talker Walker, I would say Ratboy but he was just riding so damn solid, Pagey the old man had a few good goes too…

What was your top moment during filming?

The whole thing, just messing with the boys and getting sideways at every moment possible.

What’s your favourite flavour pie?

Steak and Ale of course!! With a dollop of Hendersons relish to finish it off.