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Images of Monster surf athletes from the World Sur'f League Margaret River Pro Surf Competition, in West Australia

A Monster Preview of the 2023 Margaret River Pro

Apr 192023

Two hundred miles south of the world’s most isolated city (Perth) is Margaret River. The small coastal town of less than 10,000 people is punching above its weight class, drawing tourists from all over the globe to their top-of-the-line wineries, caves and waves.

One such wave — Main Break — and its cousin “The Box” just across the channel, host the WSL’s best every year. If we’re being honest, this used to be one of the quietest comps on tour. Why? Sitting smack dab in the middle of the season, it lacked the excitement of the beginning and drama of the end. But with the introduction of WSL’s mid-year cut, the stakes for these surfers has never been higher. If you finish below the top 20 (or 10, or women), you’re sent down to the Challenger Series. Finish above, and you get to close out the season with the big-dogs. With that, the world’s attention is on the far reaches of WA, with plenty of swell on the way.

Grab your wine opener and meet us at the bluff, the 2023 Margaret River Pro is on from April 20 - 30. Log on to WSL to cheer on the Monster team!

Monster Threats

Ethan Ewing: Following his dominant victory at Bells Beach, Eth’s looking to back it up with another win out west, at a wave that suits his surfing.


Filipe Toledo: He won here in 2021 by proving that his power matched his pop. He’s a clear favorite.


Yago Dora: He’ll be a dark horse threat on Main Break’s big right, with smooth and powerful backside hangers on repeat.


Gabriel Medina: While he’s safe above the cut line with four 9ths so far this season, Gabe’s looking to break through the Quarters and restore his rightful place on the podium.


Seth Moniz: If they run at The Box, Seth will feel like he’s at home surfing Backdoor. He’ll likely need to advance through a heat or two to make the cut.


Bettylou Sakura Johnson: While BSJ fell victim to the cut last year, at 7th place going into Margs, she’s well positioned at the moment to stay on tour, where she belongs.


Three questions

You mentioned swell on the way? Yes! Finally. After four events of mediocre surf, there’s a favorable forecast that could see both big surf at Main Break and square tubes at The Box. Fingers crossed.


What happens after the mid-year cut? We’ll lose the bottom 6 women and 12 men. They’ll go to Snapper Rocks and compete in the Challenger Series, hoping to secure a spot on the 2024 tour.


When can they surf The Box? They often don’t, as it’s a fickle place to run heats. But when the swell settles and the tide is just right, it can turn on for a few magical hours of competition. Keep an eye on Tuesday.