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Matt Bromley - Donkey Bay

Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley is on a Mission

Oct 112019

Cape Town big wave surfer Matt Bromley recently had an epic trip to Donkey Bay in Namibia, and scored some epic waves at this elusive, world-class destination. The waves weren’t as big or as heavy as first expected, but there were still some insane waves to be had.

“I met up with Keahi de Aboitiz and my regular South African Donkey Bay crew, staring down what looked like three days of pumping Skeleton Bay,” said Matt. It didn't quite turn out as planned, but in life things seldom do.

“The first day arrived and it was dead flat,” recalls Bromley. “It was only the following morning when we awoke to perfect drainers. We surfed from 7am until 6pm. We all got a few pretty sick ones and it was amazing to be back in the desert again!”

Bromley’s goal for the next year however, is to chase down the biggest paddle barrel in the world, for his upcoming film, titled ‘Over The Edge.’


“I'm really pumped to show everyone what we've got in the bag so far,” said Bromley. “So far it includes the biggest Nias ever surfed, Teahupoo and Dungeons, and we are still hoping to score Shipsterns, Jaws and Mullaghmore. It's all about chasing the biggest paddle barrel in the world. We are hoping launch early to mid 2020.”

Bromley has had quite an exciting year so far.


“My biggest achievement this year personally was probably the release of my two short films "Global Slab Hunter" and "Geographical Rarity", which documented big barrels around the globe and emotions and views from my dad and closest mates, as well as some major swells we scored at Sunset and dungeons last year,” said Bromley. “I also paddled into the tallest wave I've ever paddled out at Sunset in Cape Town.”

Make sure to keep up and follow Matt’s adventures over the next year on Instagram - @bromdog7