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Image from 2018 Nitro World Games

Bilko Talks X Games Sydney

Oct 012018

Monster Energy sat down with Blake "Bilko" Williams to discuss the upcoming 2018 X Games in Sydney and get a feel for what it takes to compete on the biggest stage.


You pumped for the first X Games Sydney?

I am super excited for the first ever Aussie X Games, it’s been along time coming and can’t wait for it to go down and the Aussie fans get to see it all live and in person, especially with how dominant the Aussies are across all events!

What’s your favorite pie, pastie or sausage roll?

Pepper steak pie all the way with a bit of tomato sauce - aka ketchup lol

How many X Games will this be for you?

This will be my 11th X Games

How many medals are on the shelf at home?

There is 6, only one gold, 4 silvers, which sadly I let at least 2 golds slip away lol, and my bronze from my very first games in 2006

Any good traveling suggestions? That’s a long flight!

Make sure you pick a good seat haha, the time difference and all that isn’t so bad as far as the time change, you leave late at night from USA and arrive early morning in Aussie, so as long as you get some good sleep on the flight you should be pretty close to being in the right time zone when you arrive. But I do suggest getting in a couple of days earlier just incase you need a little longer to adjust!

How do you mentally prepare for such a big event?

Just do all you can to be prepared for the event and have fun with the whole experience of the first Aussie games ever!

What does it mean to you to win X Games?

It’s everything really, its the pinnacle of the sport and to walk away with a medal from any X Games is a huge achievement. Gold especially!

Did you know why Wombat poop is cube shaped!?

They have square tailpipes!

Any big supporters in your life?

My parents have always supported me since day one, as long as I stay committed and put in the effort they will help me any way they can, from growing up racing BMX to my FMX career now. Also Monster Energy has supported me for the last 10 years through the highs and lows of action sports, especially multiple injuries and that means so much!

What’s next after the contest?

I think we have Jacko’s crazy contest by his house with those huge 5 dirt double in a row that are all between 100 and 130ft… insane! Then I head to the Monster Energy AUS-X open super-cross in Sydney, then straight to the UK and Europe for 11 shows with the Nitro Circus!

Any rad people you’ve been riding with lately?

Just the same crew in So Cal as usual, Twitch, Axell, Potter, Fitzpatrick and now currently on the Nitro Circus North American tour with Harry Bink, sheeny, Adam Jones, Pastrana, Beau Bamburg, Steve Mini and more 

What other events do you like checking out at X Games?

I love watching BMX Dirt and Park

Filming any new projects?

I plan on filming some cool stuff when I’m home in Australia over xmas, but for now I try to just film some cool GoPro clips on Nitro getting up close following and jumping beside other riders to show how close we really get!

Got a banger ready for the Aussie fans? Or you just want to stomp a run?

I’ll be just bringing the usual fun runs with some good 360’s as well as those few entertaining tricks I have up my sleeve to keep the crowd entertained!

Congratulations on the recent engagement! Were you surprised your missus said yes after being a pest to her for years on end?

Yeah to be honest when I first convinced her to hang out with me, I changed the prescription code on her contact lens orders so she couldn’t really see well and didn’t know what she was actually getting herself into….. and got her locked in before she came to her senses haha!

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