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Assets from the City is my Playground Aruba Project

City Is My Playground - Aruba

Aug 012018

Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex are back in action with a head nod to let loose in the streets for this installment of City is My Playground: Aruba! The plan is fairly simple. Contact the government and let them know of your intentions, preferably hunt around the call sheet until you find someone that likes motorcycles. Get any sort of yes to your plan, load your bikes into a shipping container and buy a lot of tickets for you and your crew. Before you get on the plane you paint the story in the best light possible, dot the I's, cross your Ts, and hope they don't change their mind when all hell breaks loose. That's how we do the City is My Playground series. It's essentially convincing your friend to have a party when his parents are out of town, then making sure he's drunk enough to not notice the mayhem. Except your friend is the government, and inevitably the local news is going to rat you out, just like any concerned neighbor would.

"Street destruction island style!"

We managed to pull it off again. And everything was all handshakes and smiles on the good island of Aruba as we made our way home on a plane bound for the US. Luckily for us, the people of the island love motorcycles and the officials that run it do too. It's one thing to make videos, it's another thing to to take over a city for a week. We can't wait until we pick through the globe for our next adventure! Long live the paved playgrounds!