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DarkFEST 2019 | FEST is Best!

Feb 112019

DarkFEST 2019 was a hell of a ride! The dust has settled and the sun has set on another insane event. After promising the world’s biggest jumps, the boys didn’t hold back. From Adolf Silva’s insane double flip on the rocket launcher to Nico Vink’s unparalleled steeze through the full course, DarkFEST was bolts!!

In case you hadn't been following the DarkFEST antics on social media over the past week, we've dropped in these banger clips from Brendan Fairclough and Adolf Silva that blew up the internet.









Adolf Silva - Nobody is going to forget Adolf’s double on the ‘Rocket Launcher.’ The wildman ‘Ride Loco’ absolutely sent the double in a train behind Andreu and Brendog. He then followed up with a double flip attempt on the 90ft double which he just couldn't hang on to, we're just happy he walked away from that!


Andreu Lacondeguy - The other half of the Spanish contingent absolutely sent a Flat 450 on the hip and also threw a massive Flat Spin on the ‘Rocket Launcher.’ Viva Andreu!


Brendan Fairclough – Not content with racing World Cup Downhill all year, Brendan has taken time out of his winter off to come down and show the boys how it’s done. His Flip transfer on the hip was a thing of legends.


Clemens Kaudela - The hardest working man at DarkFEST; not only did he build the whole course and continue to shape obstacles throughout the whole week, he also managed to snap 2 bike frames from sending it so hard.


Matt Macduff - Absolutely destroyed a flip candybar on the Step up - All that yoga has helped the maestro of Big Air to shape his body into unthinkable contortions. All hail Macduff!

DarkFEST by numbers:

15 riders

1 broken wrist

2 lost bikes

9 tattoos

1 snapped chain

12 burst tyres

1 set of broken drone wings

235 hours of shuttle runs

Golden hour sessions during the week were prime! Every night just after 6pm the gusty wind and sweltering heat completely vanished and gave a 2 hour window of perfect riding conditions. Favourites for the boys included the big left hip and the step-up which saw a ton of wild moves followed by all the "yeeews" and hi 5's you could handle! 

After the wild seven days of sending was all said and done. In true Fest Series style an impromptu awards ceremony went down to celebrate the boys who killed it the hardest during the week. Taking home some custom hardware to remind them why Fest is Best! Stay tuned for the official highlights edit dropping in the next week!


Spank Best WhipGraham Agassiz

Dark KingClemens Kaudela

Best TrickAdolf Silva

Biggest SlamAdolf Silva

Vero HeroNico Vink