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It's going to be survival of the fittest in South Africa...

Predator or prey, they’ll be putting it all on the line in head to head automotive combat at Carnival City in Johannesburg.

As the Gymkhana GRiD 2017 Final comes stampeding in for the ultimate showdown in South Africa, we thought we’d run you through some of the most sought after tire shredders that will be caught in action as we head on the safari of shred. Those who have earned themselves the formidable reputation as one of the Big Five of Gymkhana GRiD. Many travellers regard a visit to South Africa as incomplete without having spotted these legends of the wilderness. Unlike their animal counterparts who are difficult to spot in the wild, there’s a 100% chance you’ll be catching these guys in the flesh and going in for the kill on the African asphalt.

So who exactly are the Big Five of GRiD? Read on to find out…

The Lion - Ken Block


That’s right, you could have guessed that one. The king of the jungle. Ken is the creator of Gymkhana GRiD and has rightfully slayed his way to the top of the food chain through his viral Gymkhana video series, Hoonigan antics and more recently, can be found hunting his way through the pack in the WorldRX series. Which he will also be competing in the week before at the WorldRX of Cape Town.


Ken will be hunting with his razor sharp AWD Ford Fiesta ST RX43, packed with an engine delivering 600HP and a 0-60mph launch time of less than two seconds. This beast is optimised for competition.

The Elephant - Steve Biagioni

As they say, an Elephant never forgets. With competition in his blood and a lifetime experience behind the wheel. Hailing from Essex in the UK, 29-year-old Steve Biagioni aka Baggsy, has got the skills to shred tread around the clock. With a professional career spanning nearly a decade, Baggsy has been repping the claw worldwide drifting door to door from Dubai to Dublin and even making an appearance this year doing demos and appearances in the USA at NASCAR and the Monster Energy Cup.

Having just unveiled his brand new weapon – A Mazda RX-7 which will be making its debut appearance at GRiD. Powered by a custom 1JZ engine pushing out 600bhp with drivetrain to match. Baggsy is ready stomp out all competition that stands in his path with his unmatched aggressive foot to the floor flat out style.

Check out the full specs from Baggy’s RX-7 HERE

The Rhino - Petter Solberg

The man who’s charges off-road like a Rhino, Petter Solberg is racing royalty with more accolades you can shake a stick at. World Rally champion, two-time World RX champion, motorsport’s first double-discipline FIA world champion and not to mention the current defending AWD champion at Gymkhana GRiD. The stats speak for themselves.

Having recently putting it all on the line at the 2017 World RX of Germany. Choosing to race while nursing broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a bruised lung sustained from a crash at the World RX of Latvia. There’s no doubt this man is built tough like a Rhino too. As soon as the dust settles at the World RX finals in Cape Town. Petter will be loading up his 600bhp Volkswagen Polo GTI Supercar and zeroing in on Carnival City to give everything he’s got to defend that AWD Gymkhana GRiD title.

If anyone can stop him that is…

The Leopard - Jason Webb

Local legend and two-time South African National Drift Champion. Who also made an appearance at Gatebil in 2016 running laps in Baggsy’s S13. Jason is definitely no stranger to the competition environment and will pouncing his way to the top of the gauntlet.


The South African native will be making a roaring debut appearance at GRiD with his custom-built Roush Ford Performance Mustang suitably dubbed “The Monstang”. Built for the kill and armed to the teeth, the Monstang runs a 5.0 Roush Supercharged V8 producing 583kw and 900NM of torque! Rare, stealthy and full of power, watch out for this guy at Carnival City.

See more of the Monstang HERE

The Buffalo - Luke Woodham


The boss of the bushveld. Widely regarded as one of the most dangerous animals on the African continent. Surely there’s not a more fitting description for this British three-time reigning RWD Gymkhana Grid champion.

Living proof that hard work pays, cutting his teeth as a full time mechanic before making his way onto the pro circuit. Luke knows what’s at stake here and he won’t be going down without a fight. Lately he’s been stepping things up, getting the extra edge on his competitors by logging time in a digital race simulator honing in those critical racing reflexes to outsmart the onslaught of hungry predators after his GRiD title.


Wielding his battle ready trademark Nissan 200sx S14, which has been his weapon of choice at every Gymkhana GRiD final since the series’ inception in 2012. Luke will be bringing his A-game and going 110% to make sure that title stays in his hands.

It really is a jungle out there… Who do you think is going to take it this year down in South Africa? Follow Gymkhana GRiD and Monster Energy for more updates and make sure to bookmark and lock into the live stream if you can’t make it out to the event on the 18th and 19th of November at the Carnival City Resort.