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Julien Lieber at the 2018 Grand Prix of Belgium

MYLID - Julien Lieber

Aug 052018

Lommel. Belgium. Sand. The fifteenth round of twenty in the 2018 FIM Motocross World Championship is also one of the most iconic Grand Prix dates on the slate. One of the damn toughest as well. The Grand Prix of Belgium gets a little extra sweaty for Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Julien Lieber. The 23 year old rookie star of the premier class is competing on home terrain with the spotlight of fans, family and friends tracking his every move through the waves and bumps.

JL33 might love and loathe Lommel at the same time but this GP is also a moment for celebration and the perfect excuse to get creative with the custom threads that motocrossers enjoy to show off.

For Lieber he has a distinct Belgian ‘red’ on his Bell lid. The colour and design is something the MX2 GP podiumee like to sync-up for full effect. “I always want to adapt the design of the helmet with the colours of my riding gear,” he revealed. “When I get some new products from Thor I send an email to the helmet painter in England so he has an idea and we can be flexible. It is cool to always have something a bit different and I don't like having the same thing through the season; I like to change things up.”

The red is part of the look to coincide with the 2019 schemes. Otherwise Julien keeps his identity through the ‘33’ that he also keeps positioned quite high on the helmet; useful for photographers when he has the KX450F whipped sideways! “I usually have a ‘33’ or ‘JL33’ on the back of the helmet and I ran this logo in 2017 as well. I have a personal logo because I had my own race team but this is a special one for the helmet; it is more appropriate for the look of the lid. I like the position because however you turn the helmet then you always tend to see it; it’s cool.”

“It’s my first year with Bell and I’m really happy with the product,” he says. “I think I am one of the only MXGP riders in Europe as well and will be wearing it in 2019.” He also says some more experimentation with shades and tones are in the works. “I really like turquoise green so don't be surprised if that comes up at some point this year!”


It’ll take some spotting through the speed, roost and flare of the sand but the stylish youngster is normally one of the more spectacular in MXGP and an easy watch!