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Photos of Nate Adams at the FMX Gladiator Games 2016 event in Prague, Czech Republic

Nate Adams at FMX Gladiator Games 2016 interview

Nov 252016

Hi Nate, welcome to Prague. How are you enjoying this weekend so far? Have you ever been here before?

Thanks, yes I've been here a bunch over the years! I believe this is my 5th or 6th time here in Prague riding Gladiator Games. Always a great crowd, it's one of the funnest events I ride all year.

How do you feel about this FMX Gladiator games event?

It's super fun. Low pressure. The promoter Marek is a super cool dude and he always treats the riders very well. I think maybe that there is not a lot of FMX events in least that's how the crowd makes me feel cause they are always loud! Haha

2016 is nearly finished, was it a good year for you?

Yes, 2016 was a good year so far. I'm a little disappointed in myself because my main goal for this year was to not get hurt....buuuut, I broke my knee cap and patellar tendon in May. Now I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my back for the last month. That sucks! Haha. Other than that, it's been a great year.

Do you have any more events coming up this year?

I have a filming trip with Monster Energy for the next 'The Doonies' movie, some meet and greets with my gear sponsor Vexea MX, but no other contests this year. Closing out 2016 with Gladiator Games!

Is there something in your career, you would still like to achieve or dream about?

Yes of course! It would be great to win X-Games at least one more time!

Do you have any other hobbies apart from bikes?

Yes, my family first foremost. My wife and I had twin boys 7 months ago. They are the best! Also, I have gotten into archery hunting the past few years. I love it. It is so dang challenging and hard. Makes it fun.

You have two little boys back home, would you be happy if they started riding bikes as well or would you like them choosing something else considering the injuries and bit of danger in your sport?

If my boys are drawn to FMX or MX I will of course be happy! But, if they do, I know that they have a future full of broken bones and it will be a little bitter/sweet. But I will not push them or force them into anything. Whatever they want to do and choose to do is what I will support them in. I love them boys!!