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Photos from the 2022 Copenhagen Open Skate contest

Nyjah Huston Takes Top Spot at CPH Open 2022

Jun 212022

The most legendary European skate contest is back and Nyjah Huston took first place in the street skateboard competition at CPH Open 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, this weekend. In the official contest inside Royal Copenhagen Skatepark, the 27-year-old from Laguna Beach, California, took first place amid A-list pros.

From June 16-19, the CPH Open featured top-notch skateboarding in cash-for-tricks competitions at spots all over the city. The massive crowds witnessed some of the best skateboarding on the planet, supplemented by concerts and art exhibits with a wild energy that’s unique to CPH Open. After a brief hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, CPH Open returned stronger than ever in 2021 and all the stars were out for its 2022 edition.

The technical, wooden street course provided ample opportunity to get creative and technical, which just so happens to be Huston’s calling card! In his final run, the American street skater rifled off technical tricks such as nollie heelflip varial, switch frontside kickflip and Caballerial kickflip the kicker, nollie frontside heelflip lipslide, switch heelflip and switch frontside heelflip the gap to flat, huge frontside bigspin fakie the hip, half Cab crooked revert, half Cab kickflip noseslide, and switch heelflip frontside 5-0 the Hubba for the win.

In the Best Trick event presented by Independent Trucks on a rail-into-bank obstacle, Huston also shut down the contest and scored a few hundred dollars by putting down backside noseblunt slide, nollie heel backside lipslide, kickflip backside Smith grind, and huge frontside flip into the bank.

What else happened during CPH Open 2022? Tons of skateboarding and hijinks! Here’s some of the Monster Energy team’s action from Copenhagen:


For the official opening event, skateboarders attacked a series of street obstacles on The Red Plaza. The crowd witnessed tricks like Huston’s half Cab crooks revert and backside nosegrind to 180 heelflip up the shoebox ledge, as well as fakie kickflip into the quarter pipe and kickflip crooked over the hip. French team rider Aurelien Giraud from Lyon put down a hardflip revert over the hip. Crowd favorite and previous CPH Pro MVP Ishod Wair posted a perfect kickflip and nollie heelflip from deck into the quarter pipe.

On day two, the crowd headed to the city’s concrete pool for Rune’s Bowl event. Hosted by Monster Energy team rider and skateboard icon Rune Glifberg, the event featured a Best Trick on Rail and Bowl session in a relaxed outdoors atmosphere. Danish vert skating legend Nicky Guerrero graced the contest with signature inverts and Madonnas in smooth style. Japanese rider and newly minted pro Mami Tezuka put down eggplant in the deep end, fast five-o grind tailslide and frontside airs. Upcoming rookie Liam Pace finessed a crooked to fakie into a Cab disaster as well as a huge Indy 540 nosebone and body jar. Australian rookie Kieran Woolley had the crowd on its feet with rare tricks like a frontside invert revert varial kickflip Indy, frontside 5-0 to fakie, and massive frontside air over the hip. When the dust settled, Woolley was pronounced as the winner of the event.

Later that day, the action moved to the outskirts of town for the Prison Yard Session in the former penitentiary known as Vridsløselille Prison. In the fully packed prison yard, skaters sessioned a wooden street course flanked by construction equipment as obstacles. Giraud went big by ways of 360 flip and backside 360 kickflip over the long kicker.


On the final day of CPH Open 2022, it was time for am skaters from 16 countries to shine in the Fælledparken Open Qualifier contest. This provided a chance to compete in the pro event at Royal Copenhagen Skatepark as the official finale of the entire festival, which Nyjah Huston shut down.


With so much non-stop action, CPH Open once again solidified its reputation as the “Champagne of Skateboarding”. Congrats to the Copenhagen Open crew in Denmark on yet another history-making event!