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White Dragon
Rehab - Tea+Lemonade+Energy
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Rehab - Tea+Orangeade+Energy
Rehab - Raspberry Tea+Energy

Dating to the ancient Song Dynasty white tea was a reserved for royalty and only served by virgins as a symbol of honor and respect.


Enter the dragon… we combined the finest white tea, black tea, and dragon fruit and brewed up a new Monster Rehab fit for an emperor of express but available to all, virgins not required.


Monster Rehab White dragon Tea is a triple threat that rehabilitates with a killer mix of white tea, black tea, electrolytes, and our bad ass Monster Energy blend.

Rehab The Beast!

Total Caffeine:

77 mg Per Serving   150 mg Per Can

Consume Responsibly:

Not Recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.