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Images from UFC 251 Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island – Abu Dhabi - Sunday, July 12.

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Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal

United States United States


There can only be one B.M.F. on the UFC circuit, and Jorge Masvidal already has the belt to prove it! But then again, "Gamebred" has bigger plans. He won't rest until he walks out the Octagon with an official championship belt. It's been super necessary from the start: Raised on the South Florida backyard bare-knuckle fighting circuit, Masvidal has brought a raw energy to the UFC since joining in 2013. His fighting style is equal parts brute force, technical mastery and street smarts. The kind of street smarts that can stop A-list fighters in their tracks, like the surprise flying knee against Ben Askren for fastest knockout in UFC history at 5 seconds. Other accolades include several Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night bonuses for taking out some of the biggest names in the game. In Masvidal's own words, it's all part of a campaign of "baptizing fools" – until they finally give him the crown. Who's stepping up in Masvidal's next fight? That remains to be seen, but we're definitely here to watch!