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Shots from Unknown Ride in Arizona

Stunt Athlete

Buddy Suttle

United States United States


Raised on a steady diet of motocross in Petaluma, Northern California, Buddy Suttle has been riding motorbikes his entire life. At age 20, he picked up a Harley Davidson motorbike and learned how to hit the balance point on extended wheelies next to other high-octane stunts in the streets. That’s how he met Nick Leonetti, formed an instant friendship, and made motorbike history: The two co-founded UNKNOWN Industries as a platform for their new style of riding Harleys. In 2009, Buddy posted the first video in what became the ‘Harley Wheelies’ series and soon garnered millions of views as the legend of popping wheelies on 400-pound sports bikes grew wings. In 2013, Buddy and the UNKNOWN crew raised the bar by releasing their first DVD, titled ‘13th Level’, and kept the hits coming ever since. Their 2016 web video ‘The UNKNOWN Ride’ showcased the team murdering the streets of the Bay Area with more than 2.8 million views to date. In early 2020, Buddy upped the ante in the official sequel, ‘The UNKNOWN Ride 2’ popping his signature one wheelers on the blazing desert streets of Tucson, Arizona. Stuntin’ in the streets hasn’t always been an entirely smooth ride, as Buddy paid the price to roll the dice with countless concussions, stitches, broken legs and other injuries. But the types of scars that would make other riders call it quits drove Buddy to charge even harder. Stay tuned for what’s next from the man who co-founded a movement. It’s always 12 o’clock in Buddy Suttle’s world.