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Shots from Unknown Ride in Arizona

Stunt Athlete

Logan Lackey Aka ‘Wheelie Pig’

United States United States


They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. For living proof, look no further than UNKNOWN Industries rider Logan Lackey aka ‘Wheelie Pig’: The son of 1982 motocross World Champion Brad Lackey grew up with front-row seats to the sport’s evolution and started riding his first mini MX bike at the age of two(!). Fast-forward to 2009 when Logan graduated to taking his stunts from dirt bikes to full-sized Harley Davidsons, inspired by the ‘Harley Wheelies’ videos from UNKNOWN Industries co-founders Buddy Suttle and Nick Leonetti. Finally, the three riders connected at a bike show in Dublin and, as the offspring of motocross royalty, Wheelie Pig fulfilled his destiny by joining the official UNKNOWN team. Since then, his legendary street antics have taken Logan Lackey all over the United States, including hell-raising downhill stunts in the Bay Area in 2016’s action flick ‘The UNKNOWN Ride’ and across the California Coast in 2018’s ‘Into the Unknown’ experience. Never afraid of facing new challenges, Lackey customized his ‘Swamp Juice’ Harley for winter terrain and competed in the fast-paced Hill Climb event at X Games Aspen 2019. But his heart belongs to raising the bar in the streets: In 2020’s ‘The UNKNOWN Ride 2’ video extravaganza, Wheelie Pig leads the crew on a wild chase around Tucson, Arizona, burning rubber and popping wheelies all over the desert landscape. It’s a definite must-see and yet another classic in Wheelie Pig’s adrenaline-fueled legacy. Racing at white-knuckle speed, standing up on the saddle, front wheel pointed to 12 o’clock – there’s only one rider known as Wheelie Pig in the stunt riding world and we can’t wait to see what he puts his mind to next.