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Unknown Industries rider Nick Leonetti stunt riding in Illinois on 8-22-2019 thru 8-24-2019.

Stunt Athlete

Nick Leonetti

United States United States


For someone who co-founded a crew called the Unknowns, Nick Leonetti is quite a high-profile figure in the motorbike scene. And that’s for a good reason: After cutting his teeth racing dirt bikes from age 10 onwards, Leonetti took his penchant for busting stunts in the streets to big and burly Harley Davidson motorbikes. As it turned out, another Petaluma local by the name of Buddy Suttle was on the same mission. The two met, popped wheelies on their 400-pound bikes, got pulled over by police, rode away and founded UNKNOWN Industries. There were no rules for stunt riding Harley sportbikes at the time, so the two made up the road as they pushed forward. The gospel soon spread to millions of viewers through viral hit videos like the ‘Harley Wheelies’ series and the first UNKNOWN Industries DVD, ‘13th Level’. From there, the Unknowns have grown in members and notoriety, while Leonetti continued to push the boundaries: The Monster Energy-produced action flick ‘The UNKNOWN Ride’ (2016) showcased the entire crew slaying the streets of the Bay Area, watched over 2.8 million times so far. In 2020, the official sequel raised stoke levels on the desert streets of Tucson, Arizona, while introducing helicopter footage and HD shots from a follow-camera vehicle for high-end production value. The riding is still as raw as ever, though, and Nick Leonetti makes sure to keep it that way in the future.